Rayong Covid - 19 casi salgono a 63, la maggior parte trovati nei dormitori dei lavoratori edili, il governatore avverte i datori di lavoro

Rayong -

The Rayong Public Health Office today (June 22nd) has announced 63 new confirmed cases of Covid-19.

This makes a total of 1,220 cases of Covid-19 in the current round of Covid-19, since the start of this recent round of infections in early April.

Of those 63 new cases, 3 were found through contact tracing and in hospitals, and 60 were found through active case-finding in local communities and workers dormitories at construction sites in Map Ta Phut.

Of those 1,220, 1,090 are Thais while 130 are foreigners/migrant workers.

Additionally, 1,023 people in total have now been released from medical care and fully recovered. 188 still in medical care with a total of nine deaths were reported since this current wave began.

The Rayong Governor, Mr. Channa Eiamsang, told the local media, “Employers should take care of their employees and be responsible for following health precautions around Covid-19, including on construction sites and worker communities.”

“If an epidemic occurs in factory or establishment, employers have to immediately inform Rayong Public Health Officials in order to conduct proactive screening tests as soon as possible,” Channa added.

“If employers have not informed the health office, they will be a fault and they will also be prosecuted immediately,” Channa concluded.

This follows frustration from some provincial governors on rising cases of Covid-19 at construction sites, markets, industrial estates, factories, and similar establishments where workers often live and work in densely packed communities with little social distancing. According to Governor Channa some employers have not been cooperative with health procedures and protocols and will be held responsible if they are found to be doing so.


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