La polizia di Pattaya rilancia ufficialmente il Dongtan Police Box come sottostazione di polizia 24 ore su 24

Jomtien/Dongtan Beach, Thailand-

The Pattaya Police held a ceremony this morning marking the official relaunch of the police sub-station at the corner of Jomtien Beach Road and Dongtan Beach.

Pattaya Police had been planning to improve the station for some time as an alternate location for local residents to get police assistance, file complaints, police reports, and other law enforcement-related matters. The station is located at a prime location at the start of Jomtien Beach Road which often sees heavy foot traffic, especially at sunset daily as people exercise in the local vicinity.

The police sub-station will now be open 24 hours a day and can complete most services the main police station on Soi 9 can, according to the Pattaya Police. The station even contains a small jail cell for those that get into a bit of trouble.

Pattaya Police are also ensuring that there will be both English and Thai language speakers at the station to assist the public as many residents in this part of Jomtien are foreigners who do not speak Thai.

One can reach the police emergency line by calling 191. Non-emergency calls can go to 0827999111 or 0384208045.

All photos courtesy Pattaya Law Enforcement.

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