Covid -19 cluster nella fabbrica di ghiaccio a Si Racha colpisce le vendite di ghiaccio a Chonburi, i proprietari della fabbrica di ghiaccio assicurano il pubblico che i cubetti di ghiaccio sono sicuri

Si Racha -

Ice sales have decreased as many people in Chonburi are worrying over a cluster of Covid-19 at an ice factory in Si Racha. Meanwhile, ice operators have confirmed to the media their factories are kept clean as they are strictly following public health measurements.

The Chonburi Public Health Office have reported in total 49 confirmed cases from the Suksawat Pansadet ice factory in Si Racha.

The Chonburi Governor last week has ordered a temporary closure of the Suksawat Pansadet ice factory in Si Racha due to many confirmed cases of Covid -19.

Chonburi ordina la chiusura temporanea della fabbrica di ghiaccio a Si Racha

Pattaya News reporters visited an ice factory in Si Racha today and spoke a prominent owner who was speaking on behalf of many ice factory owners and suppliers in the area (June 10th).

Mr. Boonanan Pattanasin, an executive owner from the Si Racha Group told The Pattaya News, “Many people are worried that ice is not cleaned. Ice sales are decreasing from every ice factory in the area as a result.”

“We confirm that our ice factories are cleaned in every process as we follow the public health measurements. In addition, more than 70 percent of our staffers are now vaccinated. Our hygenic measurements are top notch and ice goes through many quality assurance programs before being bagged and supplied to customers. Our staff do not physically handle or touch ice cubes, it is all done by machines.”

Boonanan stressed that chances of Covid-19 being transferred through ice cubes is, according to him, nearly impossible and that people did not need to be scared of ice cubes.

The Suksawat Pansadet ice factory remains closed at this time and all staff, positive or not for Covid-19, were quarantined while the premises were deep cleaned according to the Chonburi Department of Public Health.


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